Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Awakening Artwork

Im excited to be able to work on such a project like this one. The mixtape, The Awakening by Omarion came about when I get a call to work on unique project such as this. The concept was to bring in a new sound of music for the R&B world.. Omarion want to revive the genre to a new level. So by willing to do so on his part he wanted me to go about on pushing my views on the subject. He showed me some of the sculptures of the Awakening in wish is the piece of Zeus coming out of the ground. I put in a my take of it and twisted it to a modern situation. He's on a major street in LA coming out of a building.

The cover was a collaboration with a photographer and I worked with the fonts and background. It has sort of a "Thiller" theme to it. The tracklist piece was done with Gouache and Photoshop. The cover was done with ink, pencil, and Photoshop as well. This was a great experience for me as well as for Omarion and the rest of the Starworld Family.

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