Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here the finished piece.. Acrylic on wood with a gloss finish. 14" by 17" wood panel. The owner of this very happy on her part.

Pac Div Cover Ideas

So I was asked to work on the new project for West Coast's super group, Pacific Division aka Pac Div. I have some teasers here for you to see. I hope you enjoy. The final is coming soon.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

NYC.. The City Were Things Happen.

So, I've been out of LA for a full week to go out of my way with business and pleasure with the city that I was born in, New York, NY. Haven't been there in 4 years, so this was very exciting for me. I was ready to experience my city once again on my own as a true city GUY. Visited parts of artistic motives such as Brooklyn, SoHo, and yes even, Times Square. Also came to the reality of what if, this was my new venture of my career. I had a meeting with a very respected Art Agency, Lindgrensmith Rep. Had a very great meeting with the reps. They gave me very vital information on what to do next to get big job in the vast city. But, truly, I'm humbled and thankful for this trip, made me clarify alot for me as an establish artist. Professions can change quick. Well, I took some pictures of my stay out there. Also, thanks to some friends helping along the way. Loved the Street ART that was all around the city, especially on the roofs of the apartment. #GraffitiLife

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