Monday, December 20, 2010


Nike ID Color Swag from steven butler on Vimeo.

This is a project that I helped on for my friend and director Steven Butler... I did the storyboards for this project. ENJOY!!!

We Race Tho...

we like cars... so we race them. I did this a while back before Omarion's website came out.. He used it as his Avatar for a few. It's a gauche, ink, and digital editoral/portrait.


HEY EVERYONE!!! It has been too long, but I'm back to give back some updates... I've been real busy for these past few months working on other projects besides my personal one. I'm truly humbled and blessed to be working in my own field of creativity. I've been doing more graphic design work than my Editorial or fine art work. But my style has been crossing into different cities such as my hometown Miami and New York. I just did a mixtape for a Miami artist, T-Baby. He had a chance to release his first of many mixtapes to the Hip Hop community. He asked me to do the art for the mixtape. I was pleased to head out and do what was best for this album. I gave it my world mixed with his... You can check him out on The name is called The Neverending Story.

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