Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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The one that triggered the flame...

So I've been doing some digital work for the hell of it and Omarion was looking through my work that I was doing for fun. He knew I was in Miami for my art show and coming back to LA to cause a hurting for the music game. (With the Art, that is) So the craziness that I put around my people was what he wanted. We also needed more ideas for his blog/website. Well I worked on many pieces for the site and most was classic Mwanel stuff and some digital. He enjoyed every last piece. He even posted up the bottom piece as his profile pic, ranging fan-sites and blogs to go crazy on the net. He gave me a great look to the media.


Keeping the movement going.. Sorry I haven't been around with new art. I just celebrated a birthday and kept my thought to myself for a while. I learned that thoughts can't be kept in forever. So you must VENT. I vent through art. hahaha

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sean Cliver x Supreme – Summer 2010 Collection

The next major move for Supreme is a project with artist and occasional producer Sean Cliver. It stems into a pair of t-shirt designs and skate decks, something both parties are quite familiar with. In fact, Cliver had a huge part in forming the identities of World Industries and Birdhouse. The drop date is scheduled for this coming Thursday (June 10th) with a few additional releases from Supreme.



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