Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finals of The Portraits

so... I added a few more elements to these pieces and found out that these can be published right on the spot if I play my cards right. These can probably be in VIBE or the Source Magazines... I'm really humbled by the remarks that everyone has given me. I enjoy playing around with color and content alot..... so, here's the finals of the two pieces.

"PHARRELL" 15"x 22" gouache and acrylic
"LIL WAYNE" 15"x 22" gouache and acrylic

If you wanna know what the "LIL JOHN" piece was made out of it was also, gouache and acrylic.


Anonymous said...

even watched "Sin City"? remember that yellow villain?
ur Lil Wayne reminds me sooo much of him... all yellow ..

ur drawings r amazing...
keep it poppin!

Anonymous said...

sorry it's "ever" :p

Anonymous said...

Damn mang your doing your thing

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